Oak floorboards

oak wood floor board

Made from the best solid timber available, these floorboards are the perfect match between tradition and modernity. Fitting ideally in a modern home or in any makeover project, our boards are easy to install, perfectly engineered and will provide a unique, exclusive atmosphere for decades, making you able to enjoy your house like never before.

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oak beams

oak beam photo

Dried in ideal conditions, our European oak construction-grade beams are perfectly suited for all internal uses. Very dense, they will provide a sound and secured long-lasting structure for all your projects. Moreover, their incomparable decorative qualities can be used with great results for interior designing purposes.

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oak parquet flooring


Very resistant, this parquet flooring will allow endless creative possibilities where the imagination is the limit, and will provide your living place with its particular classy ambience. It’s long lasting, easy to repair and requires only little maintenance.

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cherry floorboards

cherry floor

With a smooth even texture, those cherry boards will transform any plain-looking room in a new charming place. With their beautiful unique reddish color, straight wood grain and dense fibers, they will provide this cosy, warm and delicate atmosphere you dreamed of.

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ash floorboards


Ash is a very long lasting wood. Its texture is similar to oak with straight and regular grain that will enchant everyone. It has good strength properties and is considered as shock resistant, making it the perfect fit for corridors, hallways, offices and workshops, or if you have young children around.

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elm floorboards


Hard-wearing with a pretty coarse, uneven structure and interlocked grain, elm floorboards will provide a mix between elegance and technical qualities. It has some unique qualities that make it ideally suited for special circumstances: it’s durable under water and « unsplitable », and thus perfect for all your outdoor projects.

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reclaimed wood

reclaimed wood planks beams

Are you looking for unique wood products that will give your house this unmatched, vintage style? Reclaimed wood looks great, is much denser and durable than new product and full of history, as it has a previous life! We have a continuously provided large stock of various reclaimed wood of different sizes and shapes. All this savaged wood went through a meticulous in-depth selection process, and we sell only sound, pest and nail-free products.

Nowadays, wood constructions are coming back in style. After years of pouring concrete and building dry walls, people have rediscovered wood’s incomparable qualities when it comes to enhance your everyday life.

Being easy to work with, light and resistant, it will allow a more efficient and flexible use of the space giving greater architectural freedom in designing buildings. Its natural insulation qualities go a long way to reduce power consumption while providing a warm and relaxing atmosphere everyone enjoys.

You can get your wood from various suppliers, but here, at planksandbeams.co.uk we have a strong commitment: offer you the best wood construction products at a fair price, enabling you to fulfill all your building dreams. Aiming at your full satisfaction, we can provide you with high-grade floorboards, parquet flooring, planks and beams, delivered right at your doorstep or any other place you like throughout the country.

All our products are made out of the finest FSC or PFSC certified hardwoods, meticulously sawn and dried in selected sawmills by experienced and qualified staff, guaranteeing a neat finish and easy to install, well fitting pieces.

Besides, We can also accommodate you with a wide range of selected reclaimed wood, carefully chosen from disassembled buildings and barns, making sure your project will look like no other, providing a unique touch to your home for a very long time.